The Business Case for Design

A virtual conference produced by Rosenfeld Media

Design Will Save Business From Itself

July 31, 2018 3:00 pm - 3:50 pm

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Nathan Shedroff

Every organization is in the experience business but most don’t realize it. Every organization is also in the relationship business and don’t realize that, either. Therefore, their strategies, offerings, priorities, and metrics don’t measure the most important things: deriving the best mutual value from customers, partners, and other stakeholders. Design strategy can make use of the most important (though most complex) understandings about customers and the market), help identify the best opportunities, and align business strategy around the next value. New tools help visualize relationships as something we can design, purposefully, instead of intuitively or accidentally. Some of these also help correct the mistaken assumptions made in most traditional business tools—the ones our peers use every day (like SWOT analyses and positioning). Design has always been generative and illuminating of possibilities, and designers who want to have the maximum impact and reward should learn the tools that given them the most influence among clients and peers.

Nathan will highlight some of these new tools, how to frame them for use with peers, and what process makes the most of their value. If you poke him just right, he may even tell you why the Founding Fathers weren’t as pro-business as some would like you to believe.