Practical Metrics for Designers Cover

Practical Metrics for Designers

A User-centered Approach to Effectively Measuring and Improving Products

By Kate Rutter

To be published: 2023

We all know metrics are core to running a business, but designers often struggle to get the user-centered metrics needed to improve products for customers. Using metrics as a design material helps designers capture useful data and create feedback loops for ongoing improvement. This book helps designers define customized, product-specific, quantitative metrics that answer important questions: Is our product working for users? Is it improving over time? Are we able to intentionally move a metric that effectively measures this improvement? In this book, you’ll learn to make measurable improvements in the customer value of your products.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The metrics/measures/analytics landscape
Chapter 2: Deciding what to measure
Chapter 3: Making an “awesome” metric
Chapter 4: Designing for measurability
Chapter 5: Instrumenting your product
Chapter 6: Tracking and improving over time
Chapter 7: Applying your measures knowledge
Chapter 8: Working as a measure-savvy team
Chapter 9: Measures gallery
Chapter 10: When good measures become bad metrics
Chapter 11: Wielding your new superpower