Designing and Researching Natural Language Interaction

By Abby Bajuniemi

  • Designing and Researching Natural Language Interaction Cover
  • Natural language interfaces are becoming more common, but designing an inclusive and effective interaction with natural language requires knowledge of how language works. Language is a very personal and socially constructed thing, making research and design ethics more complicated than a typical digital product feature. This book will teach you strategies and methods for designing and researching natural language interactions using research on conversation, dialect, voice quality, and how those things intersect with society.

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: A Little Background
    Chapter 2: Use Cases for Natural Language Interaction
    Chapter 3: User Expectations of Natural Language Interfaces
    Chapter 4: User Research Strategy
    Chapter 5: Artificial Humans: How Communication Works
    Chapter 6: Designing for Your Audience
    Chapter 7: Choosing Voice and Tone: Sometimes Boring Is Better
    Chapter 8: Designing the Interaction: Complex or not?
    Chapter 9: Creating an Inclusive System: Data Selection and Algorithm Training