Getting Started in UX Cover

Getting Started in UX

By Boon Sheridan

To be published: 2023

Getting Started in UX lays out a framework to think about UX and then explains the goals, methods, and tools you need to do great work. Whether you need a crash course on a new concept or a refresher on an old favorite, this book will help. It’s designed to help you get things done. It won’t make you an expert overnight, but it will get you up-to-speed before your next project, meeting, or interview. This is the book I wish I had before my first User Experience job.

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Pixels: Communication and Visual Design
  • Chapter 2 Words: Content Strategy
  • Chapter 3 Screens: Interaction Design
  • Chapter 4 Devices: Human Factors and Usability
  • Chapter 5 Products: Product Management
  • Chapter 6 Systems: Information Architecture
  • Chapter 7 Services: Service Design
  • Chapter 8 Metrics: Analytics
  • Chapter 9 People: Research and Ethnography