Videoconference: Research Repositories—A global project by the ResearchOps Community

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    August 27, 4-5pm ET
    The ResearchOps Community is more than halfway through their third global project, this one on Research Repositories. Join Dana Chrisfield and Brigette Metzler as they take you through a short tour of what the project team have done so far, what they’ve learned, and what’s next.

    Brigette Metzler is a jump-in-with-both-boots kind of a person. She is passionate about the democratization of knowledge. Brigette is the co-chair of the ResearchOps Community and works as an Assistant Director leading the user research library for Services Australia. Brigette is passionate about the role of ResearchOps in helping researchers do their best work and most days can find her talking ResearchOps, and libraries in particular, with people from all over the place. You can find Brigette for a chat on Twitter at @BrigetteMetzler
    Dana Chrisfield is a researcher living and thriving in New York City. Her approach to research has been shaped by her work both in academia and in industry, and by an abiding interest in human behavior, how our ways of understanding that behavior have evolved over many decades, and how the approach that we take to our research work can do actual good for the people we serve, aka our users. As Director of UX Research at American Express, she leads a talented and tireless team of researchers and researchops-ers who spend their days inventing smart ways to elevate the organization’s understanding of our global user community, and their perspectives, values, financial struggles, and achievements. Dana is honored to play a role in helping the ResearchOps community to unpack the wonderfully complex landscape of research repositories.

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