Videoconference recording: How Atlassian is Operationalizing Respect in Research

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    In 2020, the Atlassian Research Operations team is shipping a program of work to deliver respect in research. From gaining informed consent to handling personal data, Theresa Marwah and her team are putting systems and practices in place to respect the privacy of their participants and exceed regulation.

    In this talk, she’ll share how they’ve come to think about the journey of data in research and what they’ve learned as they operationalize end-to-end respect of research participants.

    About Theresa Marwah
    Theresa works as the Research Operations Technology Lead for Atlassian. Before joining Research Operations, she built and led the teams who established Atlassian’s go-to-market technology stack. She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago where she focused on strategy and entrepreneurship. Her undergraduate honors thesis at Northwestern investigated empowering teams for continuous improvement and innovation. 

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