Videoconference recording: Cultivating Business Partnerships to Grow Research Ops

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    Videoconference May 14, 4pm EDT


    The landscape of Research Operations is vast, and there is no “easy button” for organizations implementing a successful practice. So how do you multiply your effectiveness and increase your impact in a scalable way? Whether you’re a team of one or twenty-one, cultivating relationships across the business is critical in these days of interconnectedness. In this session, Noel Lamb will share examples of how you can get your company to invest in helping you build your Research Ops program.


    About Noel Lamb

    Noel leads Salesforce’s Research Ops team from her home office in Fort Worth, Texas. Her Ops career started in the hiring department and took a stronghold after working within an innovation team, where she discovered her deep affinity for research in tech. She’s been partnering with researchers, leaders, and other influential individuals to establish a successful Research Ops practice since. Noel studied Hospitality Management and attributes her customer-first education for the service mindset ever-present at the forefront of her work.

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