Videoconference recording now available: The Problem Space with Andrea Gallagher (Thursday, May 16, at 4pm ET)

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  • Videoconferences (and past recordings) are available for free to all Advancing Research Community members. Join here for invitations.

    Over 3 decades of software design and development, we have seen the creation and proliferation of tools that help our teams be great at the solution space – diagramming, sketching, prototyping, tracking, measuring.  How might we make ourselves better at working in the problem space?  In this videoconference, we’ll brainstorm and explore the topic, and maybe even inspire someone to build that perfect tool.

    About Andrea Gallagher:

    Andrea has worked in web user experience design since the start, wearing many hats (producer, information architect, design manager, UX researcher) but always bringing a user-centered mindset to the process of designing great products.  She has a background in cognitive psychology and library science, and has worked in consulting, biotech, fintech, and B2B. She is currently a UX Research lead at Google and teaches at California College of the Arts.



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