Videoconference recording available: Opportunistic Research with Gregg Bernstein, July 11 at 11am ET

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  • Videoconferences (and past recordings) are available for free to all Advancing Research Community members. Join here for invitations.
    When everyone in an organization shares useful, insightful information, wonderful things happen: we align our company strategies and our teams toward common goals, and we make great user experiences.
    The job of the research leader is to unlock that information by advocating for users and soliciting insights far and wide. The research leader empowers colleagues to vocalize and share their valuable perspectives so everyone makes better decisions.
    In this talk, Gregg Bernstein, senior director of user research at Vox Media (Vox, The Verge, Eater, and more), shares how to find the information that leads to more informed decisions, how to build data-sharing relationships, and how to put it all together in service of your organization.
    About Gregg:
    Gregg Bernstein establishes user research practices for growing organizations. As senior director of user research for Vox Media, he spends his days advocating for and practicing user-centered product development. He speaks around the world about his work at conferences, most recently at Webdagene 2018 (Oslo), UX Scotland 2018, and UX Insight 2018 (Utrecht), and for such companies as Sprout Social,, CA Technologies, and more. You can read his work on his website and in his forthcoming book, Research Practice.
    He built an innovative and influential research practice over his four years at MailChimp, and taught design, branding, and typography at Georgia State University. In a previous life, he designed albums for punk and emo bands, and for clients in the music and advertising industries.
    Gregg earned his MFA in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design, where he focused on user experience research and design. He resides with his family in Athens, Georgia, where he enjoys long, quiet trail runs around the state botanical gardens.

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    1. Gillian O'Callaghan

      I am trying to view the recording of “Opportunistic Research” with Gregg Bernstein, July 11 at 11am ET, but don’t see a link to the recording on this page. Could you direct me to that? Thanks!


      • Hi Gillian! Thanks for being part of the community. We will be emailing the Dropbox link to everyone in the community later this morning. In the meantime, can also get access via the link to dropbox in the footer of any “insider” community emails – including yesterday’s call reminder. For anyone not already in the community, just sign up and the link will arrive in the “welcome” email you (which you should receive immediately.)


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