Videoconference recording available–”HITS, Microsoft’s internal human insight system: From research library to living body of knowledge” with Matt Duignan

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  • Calls and recordings are free to all community members. Join here for invitations and access to past recordings.

    Imagine a workplace where every research request you receive takes into account what your organization already knows. Product teams have the answers to common UX questions at their fingertips, and finding insights has become second nature to everyone. You rarely wonder whether the insights you find are still true because other researchers are always adding new evidence that supports them. In this session we’ll discuss HITS, the human insight library Microsoft uses internally to achieve these goals, and the culture we’ve been working to develop around its use.

    About Matt

    Matt Duignan is a Principal Research Manager at Microsoft and leads the HITS team. He has worked as a developer, designer, UX researcher, research manager, and now product manager. He has degrees in Philosophy, Computer Science, and a PhD in Human Computer Interaction. Hear him on the Rosenfeld Review Podcast.

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