Videoconference: Remote User Research – Dos and Don’ts from the Virtual Field

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    AR Videoconference Sarah Rink

    Faced with the coronavirus crisis, the world switched from office to remote work almost overnight. Likewise, many design teams suddenly found themselves having to conduct user research remotely. For some, this wasn’t entirely new. For others, it was the first time going all-out remote, which took some getting used to!

    In this talk, Sarah will share eight years of trial and error experience, and top tools and tips for doing remote qualitative research well. Read Sarah’s guide, Best practices for remote UX Research.

    Sarah Rink is a UX Research Director at Sngular. She’s helped clients in Europe, US, Australia and Brazil understand the people who use their products and services so they can make better business decisions. She’s a qualitative researcher interested in research workflows and is particularly experienced in user research strategy and planning, remote research and customer interviewing. Sarah is also a certified Google Design Sprint Master.


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