Free Community Videoconference: Layoffs

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  • November 15, 2-3pm ET Register to attend via Zoom.

    A recent wave of layoffs has left some very talented UX professionals unemployed and many others feeling anxious. Given that research and design are often among those functions cut early and deeply, that anxiety is reasonable. For the next installment of Rosenfeld’s Advancing Research Community call, we’re going to focus on layoffs—what to do if you’re worried, how to implement a strategy in preparation for potential job loss, and what to do if it happens to you. Join us for a Q&A with Career Strategist & Coach Amy Santee, and Corey Nelson, UX Design Manager and host of UX+1, a career coaching podcast.

    November 15, 2-3pm ET Register to attend via Zoom.

    About our speakers:

    Corey Nelson is a 15 year design professional, with the last 12 of those years being dedicated exclusively to UX. He’s worked in a range of industries from large banks and insurance companies to small FinTech firms and video game studios. Today he’s a UX Design Manager for the largest managed health care company in the US. Outside of his day job, he’s a career coach for UX designers. He doesn’t teach design, he teaches designers how to get jobs. To supplement his coaching, he recently launched a podcast titled UX+1 that you can find on Youtube and all the usual streaming networks. You can connect with Corey on LinkedIn or at

    Despite the serious nature of most of his work, Corey is a very easy-going guy with a great ear for listening. He doesn’t watch much TV but if he is, it’s probably cartoons.

    Amy Santee is a Career Strategist and Coach for UX professionals who want to design their careers with intention and bring their good to the world. As a personal growth and career development nerd, she has partnered with hundreds of individuals to implement a practice of self-research, self-advocacy, and strategy, so they can make decisions with confidence and effectively navigate the complexities of life and work.

    Prior to coaching, Amy built a career as a UX researcher and practicing anthropologist, working on product development and strategy for e-commerce, health care, automotive, retail, consumer technology, civic design, and small business. In her free time, she enjoys weight training, birding, gardening, and exploring the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. To learn more, connect with Amy on LinkedIn or visit her website,

    November 15, 2-3pm ET Register to attend via Zoom.