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Transforming Strategic Research Capacity through Democratization

What do you do when you have 8x more designers than user researchers in an organization?

Melissa Schmidt and Adam Menter – How UX Research Hit It Big in Las Vegas

This program has helped cross-functional teams make better product decisions, deepen customer empathy, and break down silos.

Renee Reid – Becoming a ResearchH.E.R (Highly Enterprise Ready)

In the Enterprise space I was/am able to successfully leverage so many of my other skills obtained in my other positions to make me a dynamic well-rounded researcher outside of just knowing principles, cognitive behaviors, data synthesis, and writing reports.

Hana Nagel – Turning Research Ripples into Waves

Growing organizational research capacity requires both bottom-up and top-down changes that can be daunting to tackle. Hana Nagel will examine the challenge of scaling research ops through the lens of social change theory, showing how service design and systems thinking can be used to create a strategy to increase research’s impact on product.

Megan Blocker – A Selectively Scrappy Approach to ResearchOps

Megan Blocker talks about how to decide where to invest your precious time and attention for maximum impact. In other words, where is it most important for your team to get serious about ResearchOps, and where is it okay to stay scrappy?

Leisa Reichelt – Opening Keynote – Operating in Context

You know that thing where you start a new job and suddenly realize that all those great rules of thumb you thought were almost universally true are either impossible or ineffective in your new organization? Welcome to Leisa’s life.

Nancy Douyon – Making Uber More Efficient: Informed International Insights

Nancy Douyon, International Research Lead at Uber, talks about how having a nobility complex can hinder your UX design, and how you can build for scale.

Jim Kalbach – Mapping Real World Experiences

Jim Kalbach, Head of Customer Experience at MURAL, talks about how UX mapping became integral in changing the minds of former members of some of the most dangerous hate groups in the world.

JD Buckley – Communicating the ROI of UX

How do you calculate the return on investment (ROI) for an enterprise-level organization – and if it can be, what would it take?

Christian Rohrer: Research Operations at Scale

How do you scale research? Christian Rohrer shares his enterprise research techniques as Vice President of Design, Research and Enterprise Services for Capital One.

Bob Schwartz: We’re Here for the Humans

Bob Schwartz, GM of Global Design, has helped drive a lasting legacy at GE Healthcare by keeping the question of “why?” at the forefront.

Sam Ladner: Data Exhaust and Personal Data—Learning From Consumer Products to Enhance Enterprise UX

Sam Ladner, Senior UX Researcher at Amazon, talks about how data can smartly shape design processes within organizations. And how to account for the surprising ways people work when designing enterprise products.

How we Researched and Designed the Advancing Research Conference

There are more researchers focused on users, customers, and products than ever before, and those researchers’ needs are changing. Rosenfeld Media has already interacted with researchers through the Advancing Research community, which we curate, but wanted to learn more about who they are, where they work, and how they learn. And—as a conference-production company—we wanted to know what researchers seek from conference experiences.