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Videoconference: IBM User Experience Program—The What, Why and How

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Videoconference: Planning and conducting remote usability studies for accessibility

Using examples from previous user research and accessibility studies she’s conducted throughout her career, Rebecca will share lessons learned and guidance to consider when planning and executing remote usability testing with participants with disabilities, including the four specific disability categories: visual, motor, hearing and cognitive.

Videoconference: Research Repositories—A global project by the ResearchOps Community

The ResearchOps Community is more than halfway through their third global project, this one on Research Repositories. Join Dana Chrisfield and Brigette Metzler as they take you through a short tour of what the project team have done so far, what they’ve learned, and what’s next.

Videoconference: How Zapier Uses ‘All Hands Research’ to Increase Exposure to Users

If you want to improve your product’s user experience, you need to show your team what it’s like for real people to use your product. It’s a simple concept, but many companies struggle to do this consistently.

Videoconference: What Research Ops Professionals Have Learned from COVID-19

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Videoconference: Remote User Research – Dos and Don’ts from the Virtual Field

Faced with the coronavirus crisis, the world switched from office to remote work almost overnight. Likewise, many design teams suddenly found themselves having to conduct user research remotely. For some, this wasn’t entirely new. For others, it was the first time going all-out remote, which took some getting used to! In this talk, Sarah will share eight years of trial and error experience, and top tools and tips for doing remote qualitative research well.

What’s your burning question about Research Operations?

What’s your burning question about Research Operations? Our advice columnist Kate Towsey (Research Operations Manager, Atlassian) can answer—or find someone who can!

Videoconference recording: Cultivating Business Partnerships to Grow Research Ops

In this session, Noel Lamb will share examples of how you can get your company to invest in helping you build your Research Ops program.

Videoconference: Self-care in User Research

In this talk, Jane and Janice will highlight the dangers of working with complex needs and share insights on how user researchers can protect themselves from burnout and vicarious trauma.