We are lucky to have so many wonderful sponsors and exhibitors at this year’s Advancing Research conference–and we thought you might like to get to know them better! We’ve asked all of them some questions in the coming weeks that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about ResearchOps, what it’s like to work with them, and what makes their products and services special to Design and Research Operations professionals.


Rosenfeld Media: Why are you sponsoring the Advancing Research conference?

Carl Wong: LivingLens was created by researchers, for researchers. We make it easier for research operations managers to manage all of their insight video. More video is created in research than ever before – from online IDIs, to focus groups, to quant video capture – and the LivingLens platform removes the headache of working with this rich data. At Advancing Research, we’re looking forward to networking and sharing how our partners benefit from a centralized video asset management platform.

Rosenfeld Media: What excites you about Research and/or Research Operations?

Carl Wong: The main purpose of ResearchOps is ultimately to better understand customers and promote customer-centricity internally, and we’re very closely aligned to that mission. We want to make the jobs of the researchers easier and more efficient through the use of our platform for knowledge and asset management, and the automation of data analysis and reporting.

Rosenfeld Media: What types of value and benefits does your product bring to the practice and our community?

Carl Wong: LivingLens makes it easy for companies to capture, analyze and share video feedback from users and customers in a single platform. Researchers use our software to identify opportunities for improvement in design and user research, and easily share their findings with stakeholders and across their organization.

Rosenfeld Media: What else should our community know about you?

Carl Wong: We’ve recently reached an agreement to be acquired by Medallia, a leader in experience technologies. As a result of this acquisition, our customers will benefit from our greater level of resource and advanced capabilities. We’ll accelerate our roadmap in areas such as data science, humanizing feedback and servicing insights. The acquisition is expected to close in February 2020, subject to customary closing conditions.

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