Will I get to watch recordings?

  • Yes. Soon after each day ends the raw recorded version will be accessible on the same page where you watched the virtual conference. Edited versions of the presentations will be made available within 24 hours of the conference, barring any complications. You will be able to access them on the same page where you watched the virtual conference.

Will I be able to ask speakers questions?

  • Yes. There is a Slack channel for each theme where you can communicate directly with speakers.

What other content will be provided?

  • As a registered attendee, you’ll receive exclusive access to edited session recordings, as well as tripnotes, sketchnotes, and decks.  These will be posted from 24 hours to 2 weeks after the close of the conference. You will be able to access them on the same page where you watched the virtual conference livestream.

What should I do if I need closed- captioning?

  • Upon request, we’ll provide you with closed-captioned access to the presentations. If you have other accessibility-related needs or questions, please email conferences@rosenfeldmedia.com ASAP to let us know.

Do I need any special technology to access the virtual conference?

  • You’ll be able to access the conference livestream by logging onto our site. Discussions and Q&A will be accessible via Slack, and other attendee activities will be available via Zoom.  Rather than wifi, please use a hardwired Ethernet connection if at all possible, and quit applications running in the background that might rob your connection’s bandwidth.

How many people are allowed to watch the conference on my end?

  • Up to four additional people can view the conference. This offer does not offer four additional logins; rather, you can take advantage in one of two ways: 1) by streaming to a monitor in a conference room or office; or 2) ticket-holder can screen share remotely via your preferred technology such as Google Hangouts. Additional tickets can be purchased if a team member wishes to have all the benefits of a ticket holder, including being able to view the recorded file, and access tripnotes, sketchnotes and decks for 12 months after the conference.

Are there other activities, like mixers, planned?

  • We have planned sponsor activities including breakout sessions and other virtual social activities; one-on-one appointments with sponsors are also available.

Why have you gone fully virtual, rather than postponing?

  • We know how excited you—and our speakers and sponsors—are about this conference, which is nearly two years in the making. Many of you have been involved directly in the research we used to develop the program. Our speakers and curators have been preparing for months. For many reasons, including speaker and curator availability and the uncertainty around the end of the crisis, we believe that moving forward as planned with AR2020 is the right thing to do.

I was registered for a workshop. Why aren’t they being offered? What’s the plan?

  • Workshops will not be offered on April 1, 2020. They currently are not designed to be held virtually. If you registered for a workshop, we’ll issue you a 100% credit to be used toward any future Rosenfeld Media conference or workshops for the next three years. We are investigating two options:
    1. Rescheduling the workshops once the present crisis abates.
    2. We are working with instructors on how their workshops—all designed to be taught in person—can be modified for remote access.
    Please bear with us; we’ll communicate with you as we learn more.

Can I get a refund?

  • We’re sorry, but we are not issuing any refunds. We are issuing you a credit that you can apply to future Rosenfeld Media conferences and/or workshops held over the next three years.  

How is the credit calculated?

  • We will deduct the cost of the virtual conference from what you paid including workshops. For example, if you attend the virtual conference and paid $1,795, we will deduct $995 for the reduced virtual conference price leaving a credit balance of $800. Or, if you opt not to attend the virtual conference, we’ll credit you the full amount you paid. You must opt out of the Virtual Conference to get a full credit by  EOD Thursday, March 26. Otherwise we will send you virtual conference login credentials on March 27.

How long will the credit remain on my account?

  • You will have 36 months from the start date of the conference to use your credit, which means you must use it or lose it before April 1, 2023. You can apply your credit toward any Rosenfeld Media conference or workshop during that time.

How do I claim this credit when the time comes?

  • When registering for the new event, select “pay by invoice” as a means of payment.  We will apply your credit and send you an invoice for the balance or a statement of the remaining credit.

Who is putting on this event?

  • Rosenfeld Media produces some of the design industry’s most beloved books and conferences. Now we’ve brought our industrial-strength curation skills and obsessive focus on attendee and sponsor experience to the research world. 

How was it programmed?

  • Our program is grounded in both thought leadership and extensive community research, which suggests that these are the four themes you care most about: Scaling Our Impact, Understanding Diversity and Inclusion, Broadening Our Perspective, and Managing Up.

Will the Advancing Research conference take place next year? 

  • Yes, we’re planning to hold Advancing Research again in New York City, March 31-April 2, 2021, and March 30–April 1, 2022. We’re planning for all of our future conferences to be “hybrids”: You’ll be able to attend either in-person or remotely.

How do I keep up with other research people?

  • As a conference attendee, you are now a member of our curated Advancing Research Community, which gives you access to free monthly video conferences and recordings, first dibs on discounted tickets to the next Advancing Research Conference, and a semi-monthly newsletter with industry news, articles, and other relevant content.