We’re pleased to offer four full-day workshops on April 1. Add one to your two day conference ticket.

  • Research Systems with Tomer Sharon, Managing Director, Head of User Research & Metrics, Goldman Sachs

The practice of research has been maturing yet in many organizations it only means more researchers are hired with very little thinking about and investment in scalable systems to support researchers, research, product teams, and leadership. This workshop introduces four research systems: hiring, research machines, data products, and research space and gives attendees a taste of what research maturity looks like. Exercises reinforce learning and encourage attendees to go back to work and change things for the better. Learn more.

  • Meters, Kilos, NPS and Other Success Metrics with Itziar Pobes, Service Designer, We Question Our Project and Silvia Calvet, Independent Product Coach and UX Researcher

Organizations decide based on indicators. But metrics are tricky: they tend to focus on what is easily measured. Researchers bring in qualitative insights, that are well received provided they fit into short-term work cycles. When they come back with contextual insights and a long-term vision of value for customers… that’s hard to swallow! This is rooted in how decisions are made, what is considered to be knowledge and the same notion of how value is created. A mountain too hard to climb! As a first step, participants will hack dashboards for strategic decisions by introducing new indicators and insights that come from a service perspective. Learn more.

  • Integrated Data Thinking with Matt LeMay, Partner, Sudden Compass

In today’s fast-moving world, organizations do not have time for six-month research cycles and 200-page PowerPoint presentations. Keeping pace with highly networked customers requires integrating qualitative and quantitative data to generate customer insights that are both holistic and scalable. This workshop takes participants on a hands-on journey through Integrated Data Thinking, teaching them a whole new way to generate actionable insights in rapid iterative cycles. Learn more.

  • Business Thinking for Researchers with Carolyn Hou, Founder, Arlo Labs

Researchers have powerful tools for understanding people, but their training often lacks key skills needed to navigate and influence the business environments in which they work. This workshop will give you the business acumen you need to amplify your impact within your own organization or your clients’ organizations. Covering the fundamentals of finance, organizational structure, and strategy, you’ll learn the tools and processes that drive business thinking and decision making, and learn to be a better interlocutor between traditional business functions and your own function or department. Learn more.