Workshop: Research Systems

April 1, 2020 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Tomer Sharon

The practice of research has been maturing yet in many organizations it only means more researchers are hired with very little thinking about and investment in scalable systems to support researchers, research, product teams, and leadership. This workshop introduces four research systems: hiring, research machines, data products, and research space and gives attendees a taste of what research maturity looks like. Exercises reinforce learning and encourage attendees to go back to work and change things for the better.


  • Learn and practice performance-based hiring adapted to research.
  • Get familiarized with how quant and qual research is systemized.
  • Learn to define and create automated processes to enhance research impact.
  • Identify researchers’ unique workspace needs and how to solve for them.


9:00-10:30.Performance-based hiring.

  • Thank you letter
  • Performance profile
  • Assessment criteria
  • Interview process
  • Exercise: Write a thank you letter.

11:00-12:30. What and why machines.

  • Atomic research
  • The why machine
  • Measuring experiences
  • The what machine
  • Exercise: Decide what to measure.

1:30-3:00.Data products.

  • What is a data product
  • Connecting research findings to business processes
  • Exercise: Design data products

3:30-5:00. Research space.

  • Challenges with today’s workspaces
  • Research challenges with space
  • The needs of researchers
  • Examples for creative research spaces
  • Exercise: Brainstorm your ideal space

Who is the workshop for?

Researchers and research leaders.