Shifting Your Focus: Content as Conversation


Live webinar took place on May 28, 2009

Recording length is approximately one hour.

Visitors don't come to your website for the joy of navigating or searching. They come for the content—the information that answers their questions, resolves their problems, helps them buy what they need, and gets them quickly through whatever task brought them to your site. For many website owners, content = "I have this information I have to get up there." Too often, however, that leads to content with the wrong focus for your site visitors, with too many words in overly large paragraphs organized from the writer's perspective and not from the readers' needs. In this webinar, Ginny Redish will help you shift your focus and understand the power of thinking about content as conversation.

Bringing you the practical implications of linguistic research on conversation, Ginny helps you with your content strategy—what information to focus on, where it goes on the web site, how to decide how much to say about a particular web topic, how to organize it on the page, and how to write it. Ginny helps you see why blogs are so popular, why marketing on the web is different from marketing in print, how just a small change in writing can increase conversion rates, how the life of a press release changes radically on web sites.

Whether you write content yourself, post content for others, are the IA or designer or strategist on a web development team, you'll find this recorded webinar informative and fun. You'll come away with great practical ideas to implement immediately and to share with others.

The Benefits

In this webinar, you will:

  • See many examples from actual web sites
  • Join Ginny in critiquing web content and seeing how to improve specific examples
  • See web content strategy (and its business value) defined and explained in plain language
  • Find out about the reasons behind guidelines for organizing and writing successful content
  • Learn why marketing too soon on a web site is often counter-productive and how to take advantage of appropriate "marketing moments"
  • and much more...

Our recorded webinars are edited for your listening pleasure, and include questions from attendees (as restated by our moderator). The running time is one hour.

Ginny Redish

Janice (Ginny) Redish is president of Redish & Associates, Inc., a small, woman-owned firm in Bethesda, Maryland. Ginny helps government agencies and private companies create successful web sites through her expertise in plain language and usability. Ginny is sought after as a speaker and workshop leader. She is a dynamic instructor who has trained thousands of writers and subject matter specialists in the U.S., Canada, Asia, and Europe in writing for the web and other topics. Ginny has keynoted conferences in the U. S., England, Norway, Slovenia, and China. Ginny's recent book, Letting Go of the Words—Writing Web Content that Works, has received rave reviews on and in many blogs. Ginny is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Harvard University.

Shifting Your Focus: Content as Conversation is a Future Practice webinar, produced by

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