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Kevin Cheng

Kevin Cheng

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Product lead for #newtwitter, former Dir of UX at Raptr & designer of Yahoo! Pipes • My book: • My webcomic: • My everything: @c

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Kevin Cheng’s Lists

Creating Comics

Comics can be used to easily communicate ideas. What's more, anyone can do it with no training. If you're interested in delving deeper into the world of comics, here's some books that can help. Some are around creation of comics, some around drawing, some around general creativity.

12 books • 4 likes updated

Comics That Explain Things

Here's some examples of comics being used to explain concepts or tell stories—or both! Subjects range from history to business to science to religion to personal tragedies.

11 books updated

Convincing Someone That Design is Important

Are you working with someone who just doesn't "get it"? Here's a short list of books, any of which can really drive home why design is an important part of creating anything.

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Creating a Great Company

These are the books that influence me and how I approach business and work. If I was to start a new company tomorrow, many of the principles in these books would contribute to the foundation of the company.

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