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UX Zeitgeist lists provide an opportunity for you to explore what other UXers are reading or consider relevant to their life and work. UX Leaders such as Lou Rosenfeld, Kevin Cheng, Whitney Hess, and Caroline Jarrett.

Lists are also an opportunity for you to let the UX community know what you consider important reading. Create your own list now!

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Up Your Game

These non-IA books inspired me and taught me how to be a better information architect. Click on the book to check out the reviews I wrote for each of them; there, I explain how this particular book helped me up my game.

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@JohnVClifford Mobile App Design UI Mobile Marketing

Books and articles for mobile app development mobile Ui design and mobile marketing Looking for resources for a lean social business startup developing educational apps for mhealth and peer to peer education on iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, kindles, nook colors. and mobile devices.

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Specific to approaches and applications for visualizing information and structure.

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Designing For Kids

Designing for kids - practical tips, hands-on techniques, child development, play, research, design patterns etc.

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