Virtual Seminars

We work with two great partners to bring you our authors' webcasts: UIE and O'Reilly.

The Next Step Series, produced by User Interface Engineering, features Rosenfeld Media authors covering critical user experience topics thoughtfully and practically—just like they do in their Rosenfeld Media books. All with the great format and quality production values you've come to expect from UIE: 90 minute-long live seminars, and recordings for future use.

O'Reilly also produces excellent hour-long seminars featuring Rosenfeld Media authors—with a different twist to meet the needs of the technical audience that O'Reilly serves.

Also available: 60-minute recordings of our Future Practice webinars, created in collaboration with our friends at Smart Experience.

Upcoming Virtual Seminars

We're hard at work planning our virtual seminar schedule.

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Recorded Virtual Seminars

Our Wearable Future: Opportunities and Challenges for Wearable Technology Rachel Hinman Buy Recording
What Can You Learn From A Usability Test? Whitney Quesenbery Buy Recording
Design for Healthcare Service Systems Peter Jones Buy Recording
Just Make It Fun: What Designing For Kids Can Teach Us About User Experience Debra Levin Gelman Buy Recording
Actionable Eye Tracking for UX Aga Bojko Get Recording
A Web for Everyone: Accessibility as a Design Challenge Whitney Quesenbery Get Recording
Why We Fail: Learning from Experience Design Failures Victor Lombardi Get Recording
Interviewing Users: Uncovering Compelling Insights Steve Portigal Get Recording
How to Get Your Ideas Noticed With Storyboards Kevin Cheng Get Recording
Secrets of the User Experience Team of One Leah Buley Get Recording
Putting Some UX Muscle on Lean Methods Victor Lombardi Get Recording
Research and Design for the UX Team of One Leah Buley Buy Recording
Healthcare Service Design as Systemic Peter Jones Get Recording
The Power of Story: Creating empathy and connection in our products Whitney Quesenbery Get Recording
Using Comics to Communicate Your Ideas Kevin Cheng Buy Recording
How to Get Unstuck: Content Strategy for the Future Sara Wachter-Boettcher Get Recording
Service Design: Designing Cross-Channel Service Experiences Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie & Ben Reason Get Recording
How Sci-Fi and Real World Interfaces Influence Each Other Christopher Noessel Get Recording
Description Designing Usable Categories with Card Sorting Donna Spencer Buy Recording
Donna Spencer will prepare you to run card sorts with your team. You'll learn to analyze the results and apply the outcomes effectively to build more usable websites for your audience.
Description 7 Things You Can Do with a Persona Whitney Quesenbery Buy Recording
Learn to bridge research with design, lead collaborative brainstorming activities with teams, and build products that users will love.
Description Championing Contextual Research in Your Organization Steve Portigal Buy Recording
Steve Portigal will describe the techniques, processes, and discussion points you can use to make user research happen in your organization. And once you find out how to quell cultural or budgetary resistance to fieldwork, then you can create more analytical designs that make users jump for joy.
Description UX Design in the Mobile Frontier Rachel Hinman Buy Recording
Rachel Hinman will show you the landscape of possibilities in mobile UX design and how to capitalize on them. So if you're looking for an overview of tools and frameworks - plus some in-depth instruction on UX design for mobile - then you've come to the right place.
Description 10 Tips for Designing Effective Surveys Caroline Jarrett Buy Recording
Caroline Jarrett will talk about how to rescue already-in-progress surveys and strengthen their performance, as well as how to approach new surveys from scratch. The next time you need your surveys to obtain useful user data, you'll have some practical ideas on how to get the best from them.
Description Designing With Agile Anders Ramsay Buy Recording
UX design in Agile can be a frustrating experience when teams are more focused on delivery over the quality of the experience. But the thinking underlying major Agile methods such as XP or Scrum can be applied to UX design, too, and Anders is going to show you how.
Description Extending Game Design to Business Applications
Video games have emerged as a dominant entertainment medium among a vast worldwide player base. As more people spend more time interacting with game-based environments, the applicability of these experiences to everyday user interfaces and business applications will become impossible to ignore. And that's great news, because game-inspired user interfaces can create levels of engagement and interactivity unattainable in conventional software. Businesses embracing the game experience will position themselves at the leading edge of interactive convergence.
Description Principles of Web Navigation: Advanced Design Techniques Jim Kalbach
In this recorded webinar, James Kalbach shows you how to leverage principles in web navigation to deepen the quality of your site design. He focuses on three of the most advanced and misunderstood aspects of web navigation. For each, James provides an overview and take-aways that you can apply in your daily work.
Description Shifting Your Focus: Content as Conversation Ginny Redish
In this webinar, Ginny Redish will help you shift your focus and understand the power of thinking about content as conversation. Bringing you the practical implications of linguistic research on conversation, Ginny helps you with your content strategy—what information to focus on, where it goes on the web site, how to decide how much to say about a particular web topic, how to organize it on the page, and how to write it.
Description Content Strategy for Websites Kristina Halvorson
In this hour-long live webinar recording, Kristina Halvorson offers step-by-step instructions on how to integrate content strategy into the website design process. She also helps you understand how a content strategist can bridge the gap between IA requirements and successful content creation. Finally, Kristina shares tactics to help you sell content strategy as a critical part of any website project.
Description Getting to the Point Quickly with Sustainable Design Nathan Shedroff
In this webinar, Nathan Shedroff (bio) builds on topics with the highest priorities from his book, Design is the Problem: The Future of Design Must be Sustainable. Nathan will quickly provide a thorough grounding into the breadth and depth of sustainability, its impact, and its importance. This will serve as a foundation for any designer in any domain to orient themselves and begin to prioritize more sustainable decisions in the products, services, events, and experiences they create.
Description What Every Designer Should Know about Interface Engineering Bill Scott
Drawing from 25 years of experience in designing and engineering interface solutions as well as leading design and engineering organizations such as Yahoo! and Netflix, Bill provides a set of guiding principles as well as concrete, real world examples of what is now possible and what is still hard to do given the current technology landscape.
Description User Research Beyond Usability Christian Rohrer
User Experience Leader Christian Rohrer provides a framework for understanding and explaining different user research methods, delves into details on a few of the lesser-known methods, such as desirability and true intent studies, and discusses key insights to succeed in modern-day corporate environments.
Description Using Mental Models for Tactics and Strategy Indi Young
Indi Young introduces mental models, describes how they benefit tactical design projects, and shows how you can use them to manage strategic change.
Description Modern Web Form Design Luke Wroblewski
In this recorded webinar, Luke Wroblewski (bio) builds on topics in his top-selling book, Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks. Luke walks you through the latest applications of rich Web form interactions (made possible by dynamic technologies like Ajax) including: flexible inputs, dynamic help systems, inline validation, selection dependent inputs, and more. He also outlines how gradual engagement approaches to form design can create compelling new user experiences for a wide variety of Web applications and services.