Rosenfeld Media Future Pack

How it works

Future Pack

When you purchase the Rosenfeld Media Future Pack, you'll receive 25% off the retail price for the next four books we publish. (It is such a good deal, however, that additional discount codes do not apply.) No need to keep tabs on our publishing schedule; we'll just ship each book to you as soon as it's available. Shipping is cheaper too; you pay the cost of shipping four books all at once, rather than individually. And, of course, you can purchase just the digital editions (PDF, ePub, MOBI, and DAISY) that we produce for each of our titles.

What's the catch?

Our authors are brilliant, but write at their own unique, unpredictable paces. So at any given moment, we don't know which four books we'll publish next. (Our books page lists the titles in our pipeline.) We also don't know when they'll be available; we might go many months without a new book, and then release two in one month.

Is this for me?

We've created the Future Pack for the many people who love our books so much that they've asked if they could "subscribe" to our future titles. If you know you want our future books—regardless of their topic or the timing of their publication—then the Future Pack is for you.

In a nutshell: you get to invest in your career, invest in user experience, and enjoy a great deal to boot.