Sarah Horton


…into at least eight languages. She also wrote Web Teaching Guide, which in 2000 won the American Association of Publishers award for best book in computer science. Her third book, Access by Design, combines the disciplines of universal design, accessibility, and usability into guidelines for designing websites that are universally usable. Her most recent book, A Web For Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences, with Whitney Quesenbery, was…

For Prospective Authors


…orth more because—thanks to our cutting out the middleman—our margins are much better than those of traditional publishers. And thanks to our effective targeting and better margins, we can take on narrowly focused books that other publishers don’t think will sell enough copies to be profitable. Answer: We’re easier to work with. We’re UX practitioners, just like you. We know what it’s like to write a book for this communit…

Content modeling: Making future-ready content possible


…serious issues for those actually publishing and maintaining the content. In conversations with CMS experts and publishers alike, I’ve heard over and over the need for CMSes that make more sense for authors and editors—otherwise, we have no hope of them following them: “If you make assigning a story to a section a complicated or unintuitive process, they won’t do it. If you layer it in the right way, people get it. Our UX…

New packages, new pricing coming October 20


…to our printer, only with the toner-hungry elements removed. We think this is a sensible approach; so do smart publishers like O’Reilly and Pragmatic Programmers, who pioneered it. The cost of our current paperback + screen-optimized PDF package is US$36; facing increasing production costs, we are raising it slightly. But we are also adding one more format (ePub) to the package. The digital-only package price won’t change but will mo…

Happy birthday, UX Book Clubs!


…ime. And if there isn’t? Then start one; it’s incredibly easy. To help mark the occasion, we’re donating five of our books to the UX Book Clubs’ birthday contest. To enter, tweet the reason you love the UXBC and include the hash tag #uxbookclub2. Do it by November 24. And while we’re on the subject, remember that publishers like us are more than happy to give free stuff and discounts to clubs that discuss our books….

Future Practice Interview: Kristina Halvorson


…ght. Jeff MacIntyre has a very smart, common-sense approach to helping companies understand their identities as publishers—which, we all are, aren’t we? User experience managers need to explore ways in which content strategy can help establish (or, at least, contribute to) editorial standards and policies that deeply consider our users’ needs. Lou Rosenfeld: What are the biggest opportunities content strategy presents to agencies? Cor…

Diane Cerra joins Rosenfeld Media’s strategic board


…e. It seemed silly not to formalize the relationship! Diane serves as executive editor at Morgan & Claypool Publishers, where she publishes the HCI Series and other computer and information science-related series in the Synthesis Digital Library. She is former publisher at Morgan Kaufmann, where she founded and published books in the MK Series in Interactive Technologies, among other classic texts and references. Welcome Diane; we’re gl…

We’re now more than a publishing company


…research and design better. Some are our own books’ authors, some have written excellent books for other publishers, and some are simply too busy to have written a book at all. What distinguishes them? Their combination of smarts and experience is simply without equal. Our role in this ecosystem is to provide the infrastructure to get their expertise to you, in the formats that make most sense to you. You already know about our books (by t…

Design our book covers?


…cription/what you’ll find inside Size: 6”x9” Length: typically 150-200 pages Bindery: Perfect bound Competition Publishers such as New Riders, Peachpit, Morgan Kaufmann, and O’Reilly have begun to publish books on user experience design. Most are relatively long (400-600 pages) and educate readers about the “whats” and “whys” of UX. Of these, O’Reilly is the only one that has a strong visual design for a series, relying on consistent typography,…

UX Zeitgeist now in alpha


…ant to learn more, to the UX community, which can benefit from a library and from more, better UX books, and to publishers, who will be able to better meet the UX community’s needs. Naturally, we’ll issue the standard “it’s in alpha” disclaimer, as well as point you to known bugs. Eventually, we plan to add search functionality, and way off, UX Zeitgeist could likely serve well as a recommender system. But for now, w…