Meeting Design


People resent meetings; usually deservedly so. But they’re really just a scapegoat for poor productivity. Using flexible and relatively simple techniques, it’s possible to make working together in meetings easier and more productive. Meeting Design takes a hard look at the design constraints of meetings themselves—such as time, number of people, and that pesky human brain (to name a few)—and provides tools to design the perfect meeti…

Design for Understanding


…of it all are stuck in the “computer-as-publishing-medium” era. In short, we’re given information, but not understanding. Design for Understanding will look at various ways you can help people make sense of confusing information. Bridging theory from cognitive sciences with dozens of practical examples, you’ll learn how to design rich, visual interactions that encourage people to play with and explore difficult concepts….

Liminal Thinking


…rate with the rest of their organizations? How do great agile teams recruit, hire and train? How do they reward people? How and when do they let people go? When and where does it make sense NOT to be agile? Why? How do you know? Our theory is that the practical wisdom is to be found at the team level, within working teams that are creating great products, services and solutions in an agile way. Our goal is to find those teams, talk to them and e…

Interviewing Users


Interviewing is a foundational user research tool that people assume they already possess. Everyone can ask questions, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Interviewing Users provides invaluable interviewing techniques and tools that enable you to conduct informative interviews with anyone. You’ll move from simply gathering data to uncovering powerful insights about people.  …

Managing Chaos


…n on their digital investment. They’re distracted by political infighting and technology-first solutions. To reach the next level, organizations must realign their assets—people, content, and technology—by practicing the discipline of digital governance. Managing Chaos inspires new and necessary conversations about digital governance and its transformative power to support creativity, real collaboration, digital quality, and online growth….

Service Design


Service Design is an eminently practical guide to designing services that work for people. It offers powerful insights, methods, and case studies to help you design, implement, and measure multichannel service experiences with greater impact for customers, businesses, and society….

Practical Empathy


Conventional product development focuses on the solution. Empathy is a mindset that focuses on people, helping you to understand their thinking patterns and perspectives. Practical Empathy will show you how to gather and compare these patterns to make better decisions, improve your strategy, and collaborate successfully….

The Mobile Frontier


Mobile user experience is a new frontier. Untethered from a keyboard and mouse, this rich design space is ripe with opportunities to invent new and more human ways for people to interact with information. The Mobile Frontier will help you navigate this unfamiliar and fast-changing landscape, and inspire you to explore the possibilities that mobile technology presents….

Card Sorting


Card sorting is an effective, easy-to-use method for understanding how people think about content and categories. It helps you create information that is easy to find and understand. In Card Sorting: Designing Usable Categories, Donna Spencer shows you how to plan and run a card sort, analyze the results, and apply the outcomes to your projects….

Indi Young


…izations have developed awareness and expertise at gathering big data–the numbers that track what and how people have done things. These same organizations, however, are inexpert at understanding why. The messy and divergent reasoning and motivations that drive people’s decisions are what Indi helps you tune in. She is expert at gathering the thoughts that lie deeper than simple preferences, opinions, and desires. And she is expert at…