The Workshop Workshop


…create and facilitate a workshop of your very own, in whatever workshop fashion you decide upon. Russ Unger, co-authors of the forthcoming book Designing the Conversation will help you identify the path unlocking the workshop achievement in whatever platform you choose. You will learn how to plan your agenda, structure your workshop, and identify the tools that are needed to help you along the way. Preparation is only a small portion of The Works…

For Prospective Authors


…d our entire development process around helping overcome the typical challenges that make it hard for part-time authors like you to be successful in producing and promoting a great book. Our model makes more sense because we straddle the sweet “middle” spot of publishing. You won’t deal with the bureaucracy and old school approach of a traditional publishing company. And you won’t have to invent an entire editorial and pub…

Survey book of the month, October 2011


…rature Although this book hasn’t been updated since 1996, it continues to be much-cited. Why? Because the authors conducted a series of experiments on different ways of asking questions, and then report on all of them in this one convenient volume. They also reviewed a swathe of the relevant literature. So it’s a sort of shortcut into the research on question wording from the 1950s to 1990s, an era where much research was done that is…

HTML5 with Steve Faulkner


…As well as that, there is lot of what we call “implementor requirements”—these are requirements on authors, how to use particular features of HTML. That’s where I have a lot of interest, is defining the author requirements, because how authors use HTML affects the accessibility of HTML. If authors misuse the features—write the code incorrectly, don’t use the headings in the appropriate way, don’t mark up tables, use…

Our authors at SXSW 2010


Heading to Austin in March? We’re hoping to as well. Three of our authors have proposals for panels at SXSW 2010, and you can help them get on the program by voting for their panels via SXSW’s panel picker: Marko Hurst: Site Search Analytics Nathan Shedroff: Made It So (Interface Makers in Movies) Nate Bolt: FAIL: When User Research Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong Lou Rosenfeld: The Book is Dead. Long Live the Book! Please vote early a…

Delve: 3 authors and a discount (NYC, August 5-6)


Rosenfeld Media is proud to be a sponsor of the first Delve:UI—two days of master classes that take place in Brooklyn, NY August 5-6. RM authors Todd Zaki Warfel, Anders Ramsay, and Lou Rosenfeld are on the program; other presenters include Josh Porter, Robert Hoekman, Jason Santa Maria, and RM board member Liz Danzico. Even better, the first 15 people who contact the Delve folks will receive a 20% discount off the event….

Our authors get around #2


We’ve just updated our author events page, and it’s exciting to see where Rosenfeld Media’s authors will be appearing during the next six months. Destinations include Australia, China, Canada, New Zealand, and all over the USA. Here are just a few of the newly-added events: Kevin Brooks’ “Storytelling for User Experience Design” talk at UX Week 2008 in San Francisco Donna (Maurer) Spencer’s “Design…

An Interview with Service Design authors Andy Polaine and Lavrans Løvlie


We’re thrilled to report that Service Design: From Insight to Implementation, went on sale just moments ago! Written by service design educator Andy Polaine, and Lavrans Løvlie and Ben Reason – both founding partners at live | work, Service Design is very much a practical book. But it also provides a Big Picture of service design, putting this emerging and increasingly critical field in perspective for designers of all stripes. We go…

So You Want to Write a UX Book


…ligations. It also might just be the best thing you’ve ever done. Ready to take the leap? Some veteran RM authors offer tips that may help see you through the process and bring your book to its your ship date. Write something every day (or nearly) And keep track of your progress. While writing UX Team of One, Leah Buley jotted down each day’s work onto a big flip-chart calendar she kept in the kitchen. “I could look back and see…

Looking ahead to 2010


…he UX community, we really hope to create better opportunities for engagement between our books’ readers, authors, UX thought leaders, and, ultimately, Rosenfeld Media itself. This is easier said than done. We now realize that book blogs alone are insufficient, so we’ve been sharing our authors’ posts via Twitter as well as RSS. We’ve also worked with two of our authors to create Ning communities. We’re investigating…