Randy Farmer

Randy Farmer

F. Randall "Randy" Farmer is a consultant with more than 30 years designing and building multi-user community software (now known as Social Media.) He is an inventor on over two dozen patents from everything from virtual worlds & virtual currency (US 6,476,830), reputation systems, foundational IP in social media (US 7,885,901), and online identity.

Randy has provided social media strategy for companies of all shapes and sizes, and counts Apple, Dell, Google, Hartford, Linden Lab (Second Live), Microsoft, Myspace, Nokia, Photobucket, Scripps, Telligent, Yahoo!, and Zynga as clients.

His book Building Web Reputation Systems was the first in its field and is the cornerstone of reputation strategy for hundreds of websites and products. Randy is also in demand as a keynote speaker in all things social - identity, reputation, community management, virtual gaming and goods, etc

Randy has helped these organizations: Answers.com, Yahoo.com, and Telligent.com.

Randy can help you with

Social Media Strategy Development
Are you creating (or rebooting) a social media (user generated content) strategy for your web or mobile application? I can lead your product design and management team though the muddy waters of "social media" and "gamification". My most popular engagement format is a multi-day onsite workshop (with remote followup) - where we dissect your business value, technical assets, and product design to produce a clear, actionable roadmap for your new social strategy. This effort often leads to the creation/discovery of of unique IP, giving your product a leg-up on the competition. Firms such as Nokia, Apple, and Microsoft have purchased this workshop - but so have smaller sites, such as The Hunt and many others.
Identity, Reputation, and Social Engagement Design
As the coauthor of the seminal book Building Web Reputation Systems, companies look to me to help (re)define their strategies around user identity, acquisition, reputation, and incentives. My extensive background in software engineering and product design provide the and idea foundation for detailed social feature designs, from theory to system architecture to practice. For example, the reputation system in Telligent's latest platform is a design I helped them develop.
Intellectual Property Consulting
For more than 35 years I've been innovating in all areas where people interact mediated by computers - online games, messaging systems, social networks, virtual worlds, virtual currencies/social gaming, mobile, etc. If I didn't invent it, I know who was doing what years before people could even patent software. Between my personal innovations (more than two dozen patents granted), and my long history with other developers, many legal firms look to me to help them understand the history of social media. This has brought me into some very well-known IP cases between (or involving) various Fortune 500 companies. Information I provided has been used to invalidate several patents, here and in the EU.
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