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    Taxonomy Development

    My method begins with understanding the business problem to be solved with the taxonomy, then designing a metadata specification that defines the information that must be collected to solve the problem. To the greatest extent possible, I recommend using existing taxonomies from relevant areas, with only as much customization or new vocabulary development as needed. Another key aspect of my approach is to validate the taxonomy with key stakeholders to demonstrate taxonomy usability. Finally, I recommend how the taxonomy should be maintained over time and work to put that system in place as early as possible.

    Taxonomy Workshops

    I conduct one- or two-day workshops that include exercises on characterizing content, identifying taxonomy facets, card sorting, and indexing content. Custom workshops draw upon the organization-specific situation based on staff interviews and background research. Taxonomy examples make use of publicly available information from the organization, as well as industry-standard sources such as lists of markets, products, and services. By the end, you will have an outline of a high-level taxonomy that begins to address your information management requirements.

    Taxonomy Development Coaching

    Taxonomy development is an ongoing process during which questions may arise from time to time where expert advice is desirable. I offer help with: Coaching taxonomy editors and taxonomy teams; Taxonomy maintenance (such as candidate term disposition handling); Content or business manager training and education; Integrating taxonomies with applications such as content management and search.

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  • Biography

    Joseph is the founder of Taxonomy Strategies and the principal consultant. Before founding Taxonomy Strategies, Joseph held strategic positions at Interwoven, Metacode Technologies, the Getty Information Institute, and PriceWaterhouse. He is a past president of the American Society for Information Science and Technology and past board member of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.