31 Awesomely Practical UX Tips: A One-Day Virtual Conference

31 Awesomely Practical UX Tips

We asked six of the smartest people in the UX industry to share the most essential tips that designers and researchers need to know: Steve Krug, Luke Wroblewski, Susan Weinschenk, Aarron Walter, Jeffrey Eisenberg, and Whitney Quesenbery. They came up with 31 incredibly valuable pieces of advice that will dramatically improve and strengthen your UX practice.

Though the conference took place May 29, 2013, you can still benefit from accessing the event's recordings. You'll:

  • Get fresh and practical information that will make a difference in your work
  • Be surprised, as some of your assumptions will be challenged
  • Have a better understanding of the "state of the art" when it comes to the industry's best practices

5 Tips from Steve Krug

More about Steve

Steve Krug Steve is a usability expert with decades of experience and author of the #1 selling UX book Don't Make Me Think. In this presentation Steve will highlight and explain five tips that have had the most impact with his clients, such as, "Spend an hour each week doing usability testing of your competitors' stuff with your whole team observing."

6 tips from Whitney Quesenbery

More about Whitney

Whitney Quesenbery Whitney is a user researcher, user experience practitioner, usability expert and author of Storytelling for User Experience. Her presentation will focus on content and how to make it better for everyone, reminding us of time-tested principles such as "recognition, not recall."

3 Tips from Jeffrey Eisenberg

More about Jeffrey

Jeffrey Eisenberg Jeffrey has been an online marketing optimization expert for over 15 years, improving online conversion rates and persona-based accountable marketing for organizations in 26 countries. One tip he'll explain is how "micro-copy is critical to conversion."

7 Tips from Susan Weinschenk

More about Susan

Susan Weinschenk Susan is the author of Neuro Web Design and a specialist in applying psychology to technology and the workplace. Her expertise results in uncommon wisdom, advising us that "most mental processing occurs unconsciously. If you design for the conscious mind only you are missing the boat."

5 Tips from Aarron Walter

More about Aarron

Aarron Walter Aarron leads the User Experience Design team behind MailChimp, TinyLetter, and Mandrill, He is the author of a number of books, including Designing for Emotion. Aarron will explain how his team consistently delivers state-of-the-art work though a novel testing philosophy: "Use it while you design it."

5 Tips from Luke Wroblewski

More about Luke

Luke Wroblewski "LukeW" is an interaction design expert and author of Mobile First, Web Form Design, and Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability. Luke wields a special talent for combining his technology and design knowledge with inventive solutions, such as, "Employ just-in-time actions to reveal features only when needed."

How It Works

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