The Mobile UX Summit: 27 tips and 2 case studies

We asked six of the smartest people we know to provide practical advice on designing mobile experiences: Josh Clark, Brad Frost, Theresa Neil, Greg Nudelman, Jason CranfordTeague, and Mike Fisher. They'll spend a day covering case studies and tips from real-life projects, and answering your questions. You'll walk away with new mobile UX insight and skills—and recordings from the day's sessions to boot.

Josh Clark: "Designing for Touch: 5 Tips"

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Josh Clark Handheld touchscreen design introduces genuine ergonomic issues; it's no longer just how your pixels look but also how they feel. Learn practical tips for touchscreen ergonomics on phones, tablets, and hybrid devices. (10am-11am ET)

Greg Nudelman: "Android 4.x Design: 5 Tips and a Case Study"

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Greg Nudelman Greg Nudelman will present five tips for Android 4.x design and a case study for translating an iOS app to Android. Greg will also explain how to take your mobile design past "eye candy" and into "eye-meat" territory with the help of some cutting-edge "experimental patterns": uncommon solutions to common mobile design challenges. (11am-12pm ET)

Jason CranfordTeague: "Mobile Typography: 5 Tips"

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Jason CranfordTeague When it comes to mobile design, don't underestimate the importance of strong typography for creating effective communication. When screen real estate is limited, you have to rely even more on the appearance of your text to get your visual message across. Jason will explore five typographic tips and how to apply them in the mobile world. (12pm-1pm ET)

Theresa Neil: "A Mobile First Case Study"

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Theresa Neil Take an in-depth look at the mobile first approach used to design Silvercar, a new rental car company that caters to business travelers. From conceptual research through launching 200 Audi A4s at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in just six months, you'll learn how designing "mobile first" can drive a successful project forward—fast! (2pm-3pm ET)

Mike Fisher: "Successful Mobile User Research: 5 Tips"

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Mike FisherEven if you've been doing user research for twenty years, mobile environments present some unique new challenges. Mike's practical advice will put you on a path toward becoming a more effective mobile user researcher.
(3pm-4pm ET)

Brad Frost: "Media Queries for Multi-Device Web Experiences: 7 Tips"

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Brad FrostThe device landscape is chock full of small screens, large screens and everything in between. As Web designers, it's our job to make sure our experiences look and function great on any device. Brad will explore practical tips and considerations for designing media queries, which are responsive design's secret sauce. (4pm-5pm ET)

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