Writing for the Web

  • What makes a web site or mobile app useful and usable? Effective and efficient navigation and search are critical. Great design is critical. But people don’t come for the joy of navigating or searching. They don’t come just to admire the design. They come for content—for information, to do a task, to have a social encounter.

    In this very interactive and practical workshop with Ginny Redish, you will learn how to plan, select, organize, write, and design great content for web sites and apps.

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    You will see how powerful it is to think about content as conversation. Every use of a web site or app is a conversation started by a site visitor. You will see how personas and scenarios help you write great web content. You will understand why people skim and scan. You will realize where on web sites and in apps people don’t read and where they do read—and why. You will see and practice how to evaluate your content for usability.

    Ginny’s workshops are always highly-interactive with research-based guidelines and many examples from real sites and apps.

    Based on Ginny’s book, Letting Go of the Words – Writing Web Content that Works, this workshop will change forever the way you look at web sites and mobile apps.