Web Governance

  • Who in your organization gets to make the big decisions about your web site? Multiple departments trying to control what goes on the site and conflicting ideas about the site’s purpose are a common recipe for heartache, frustration, wasted opportunities, and worst of all, a confusing digital presence.

    Establishing a web governance framework for your organization’s digital presence is essential to raising quality and improving user experience. A web governance framework expresses roles, responsibilities, rules, and standards for organizational web development. Implementing a standards-based framework for production will keep developers, content creators, and UX practitioners focused on the essentials instead of fighting fires and each other. Web governance smooths the way for easier collaboration and more agile development.

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    How You’ll Benefit

    In this day-long workshop, noted governance expert Lisa Welchman will explain how to create a web governance framework for your organization. She’ll offer practical steps for creating a complete set of web policies and standards. Participants will leave with a detailed understanding of how to begin the process for creating web governance frameworks for their own organizations.

    What You’ll Do

    We’ll cover:

    • A quick overview of web governance
    • Convincing stakeholders that you are, indeed, a web expert who deserves a seat at the decision-making table
    • How web standards support agile development
    • How web strategy impacts and informs web governance
    • What should go into your organization’s web policies and standards

    Small group exercises include:

    • Implementing standards so enforcement is easy
    • Conducting a web policy and standards audit for your organization
    • Determining who gets to establish web standards in your organization