Temporal Prototyping

  • Imagine a world where you could only describe your visual designs with words: all shapes, colours, and sizes had to be described orally. You could only tell someone what something should look like, never show them what it would look like. That’s what it is like only create static designs. We can describe how something transitions, transforms, or animates, but never show how it actually works.

    This workshop will teach students to think beyond the confines of static prototyping to create their ideas in time as well as space, allowing them to see how their concepts work as well as look.

    Students will learn:

    • When to create static prototypes and when to begin working with temporal prototypes
    • Where to incorporate temporal prototyping for a smoother Agile/Lean UX workflow
    • Ways to choose the best prototyping tools for you and your team
    • Why you need to avoid the prototyping “fidelity cliff” in order to speed up output
    • How to build a UI prototyping library to get started faster
    For more details on Temporal Prototyping, see Jason’s article “5 ways to make temporal prototyping your next design skill” on Creative Bloq.