Surveys in Practice and Theory

  • Better UX Surveys

    Surveys seem easy: anyone can throw together a few questions, send them out, and hope that they are rewarded with a decent response. But we’ve all seen examples of poorly conceived surveys that couldn’t possibly deliver real insights for the organisation that sponsored them.

    Caroline has been working with surveys for a long time, and researching the best practices that turn them from ‘any old questions’ into ‘real, useful data’.

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    The first part of the course focuses on better questions, covering topics such as:

    • The psychology of answering questions
    • The rating scale and grids
    • How to handle ‘don’t know’ and ‘other’

    We then look at the specifics of surveys about user experience and satisfaction, covering topics such as:

    • The challenge of usability and surveys
    • The pros and cons of using standard UX questionnaires
    • What is satisfaction, and how can you assess it with a survey
    • How to use survey methods to learn about user experience

    If you’re hoping to do a survey that delivers valuable data for decision-making, this is the course for you.