Starting up Software

  • The future of your business will be largely defined by software. Whether it is the software that runs your business, or the software that powers your products or services, or the software that empowers your customer outreach and engagement, or the software that manages your supply chain, how well you get and implement software will be among if not the defining point of your future success or failure.

    Of course, most businesses do not see themselves as software companies. Successfully integrating software as a core organizational competency that crosses silos is more than having a CTO, implementing Oracle and releasing an iPhone app. It requires changing how you think about technology and structuring your organization to properly support that.

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    Starting Up Software provides a blueprint for quickly and successfully spinning up successful software initiatives at the group, business unit, or organizational level. Participants will learn how to be successful leaders of software initiatives that align with organizational strategy, scale with future technologies, and contribute to making software a true core organizational competency into the future.


    The day will include:

    • Hands-on activities, exploring these methods with your classmates
    • Comprehensive instruction in the method and its use at the group, business unit, and organizational level
    • A brief review of the history and operating dynamics of software applied in business
    • A rich combination of lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises
    • Handouts with everything you need to get started tomorrow
    • Explosive potential for your professional future

    What you’ll learn

    • Different approaches to integrating software into core organizational areas
    • Blueprint for envisioning and deploying software properly, considering the various options from downloadable to custom and from installed to cloud-based
    • Depending on your situation and solution, a road map for what to budget for, hire and buy
    • Language and structure for transferring principles of Starting Up Software throughout your team and organization

    Who Should Attend

    Top Executives, Unit or Team Leaders, Managers, Project Leaders