Service Design for the Public Sector

  • People’s expectations are increasing for how they interact with the public sector. They want a better experience, one that fits their needs. Improving the service experience raises a lot of questions. How can we bring together the web, social, mobile and other digital service delivery channels? And how can we bridge the digital and physical with face-to-face service and call centres? And how can we do all of this with fewer resources?

    Service design isn’t a silver bullet, but it does offer useful tools that help public servants do more with less.

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    What You’ll Learn

    In this day-long intensive, you will:

    • Learn service design fundamentals, and why it matters in the public sector.
    • Gain insights through proven tools, process, and frameworks.
    • Learn specific hands-on methods from fieldwork, codesign, prototyping, and visual thinking.
    • See concrete examples of applying these tools to improve both day-to-day service delivery and upstream strategy and policymaking.
    • Know how to relate service design to your business objectives and satisfy your executives’ needs along with your users.

    You’ll walk away with new viewpoints, skills, and practical tools that you’ll be able to take back to the office on Monday and start using right away.

    Who Should Attend

    This workshop is focused on individuals who are currently working to improve public sector service delivery. Participants may be public servants, educators, health care providers, Crown Corporation employees, consultants, non-profit staff, and citizen advocates. Individuals may be administrators or practitioners. No previous design experience is necessary. What is needed is a commitment to making things work better for people.