Practical Agile Mobile App UX Design Patterns

  • Every element of this hands-on, practical course follows the same purpose: to deliver effective mobile design patterns, Agile design principles, and practical advice you can use to super-charge your mobile application. Learn the best design patterns, before writing a line of code.

    You don’t have unlimited engineering resources;that’s where this practical workshop comes in. By removing tedious and expensive waterfall prototyping and testing cycles, we help you look for success in the right place from the get go, so you get to the building stage quickly with Agile design principles.

    We give you the right design patterns for your app and teach you our lightweight guerrilla user testing strategies that work. Even if you’ve never done this before, you can design an awesome mobile app in less time and with less effort than ever before. That’s because our workshop means having your own mobile design expert giving you a feast of immediate tailor-made solutions and teaching your entire team “to catch fish”.

    What You’ll Learn

    • Distill the experience down to essentials, and re-invent your interface with a mobile-first approach
    • Make the most of the latest trends: responsive design, augmented reality, voice search, GPS locator, QR codes, and NFC
    • Obtain results and navigate mobile interfaces with the most effective multi-touch and motion interactions patterns
    • Storyboard your mobile interface transitions using inexpensive, practical, effective strategies
    • Set up your guerilla mobile user research program on a shoestring budget
    • Pick the mobile faceted search pattern that’s right for you
    • Create landing pages that generate ten times the ROI
    • Correctly use the powerful More Like This pattern
    • Create immersive experiences using lessons from popular mobile games such as Angry Birds
    • Understand the use-cases and ergonomic differences between large tablets, medium tablets, and mobile phones, and how to create the right UI for each device type
    • Create mobile forms and mobilized content—everything you need to design your new application

    We work together with your core team using a very intensive, creative process. Each session is individually prepared, so we waste no time in getting down to the business of focusing on your specific project. For every step of your project, we provide—with full confidentiality and in the comfort of your own office—individual attention and expert guidance.