Mobile Design. Strategic Solutions.

  • User experience expert Theresa Neil will guide you through design considerations for responsive web, mobile optimized sites, native apps, and hybrids. We’ll look at the most successful mobile solutions on the market today (and some of the worst), and get our hands dirty redesigning some popular web applications with a Mobile First mindset.


    Organizations have many options for “going mobile”. But it is important to chose the right path, or risk wasting valuable time and resources on the wrong solution. We’ll deep dive into each of the four options:

    • responsive web
    • mobile optimized sites
    • native apps
    • hybrids

    Each deep dive will cover:

    • Best practices
    • Current examples
    • An overview of technology frameworks
    • Deconstructed patterns
    • Design anti-patterns
    • Emerging concepts
    • An interactive exercise where we’ll sketch, prototype and validate a design

    What You’ll Learn

    By the end of the class, you’ll have a firm understanding of your options and be well on your way to selecting a viable strategy. You’ll also have a mental catalog of best practices and a physical catalog of design patterns to share with your teams. But most importantly, you will have been actively engaged in a lean design process that you can recreate in your future design projects.

    Who Should Attend

    VP of Product, Product Managers, Marketing Teams, UI Engineers, Designers, anyone responsible for driving the mobile strategy and launching mobile products.