Measuring Usability

  • What can you tell about a website in just 5 seconds?

    Research in psychology shows that people form reliable impressions of interpersonal trust and emotional intent within seconds. The visual appeal of a website is also formed in a fraction of a second. Are users able to tell if a website experience will be usable or dreadful within the first few seconds? Are there certain visual cues of usability that users immediately detect upon encountering a website and can we reliably measure these first impressions? How lasting are perceptions of a website user experience over weeks and months and what should we measure?

    This course builds on data from over 200 websites and 10,000 users across a dozen countries from remote and lab based usability tests. It will provide guidance and practice into what we can reliably measure whether we have a few seconds or a few hours with users.

    What You’ll Learn

    • What we can learn about first impressions of website usability
    • How to measure usability with the core usability metrics
    • How subjective and objective usability metrics can both compliment and contradict each other.
    • The difference between retrospective accounts of usability and usability as measured during a usability test
    • How to perform and analyze a first click analysis
    • Understand how the first click can be used to diagnose and fix usability problems
    • The logic and math behind small sample iterative usability testing
    • Methods and Techniques to Make the Most of Usability Test Data

    Who Should Attend

    This course is primarily intended for participants who are familiar with usability testing but who are looking to add and understand the value of measurement.