Introduction to Content Strategy

  • When you’re creating digital services, content seems like a problem. Who’s going to commission, create, edit, structure, and maintain it? Where’s the time and budget coming from?

    Imagine you could flip that problem into an opportunity for connection with customers, collaboration across disciplines and departments, and less waste for the business. Join Jonathan Kahn to learn practical techniques to turn content from a problem that everyone tries to avoid into an opportunity for collaboration.

    What You’ll Learn

    • How to use the tools of content strategy to get perspective on your content needs, including voice and tone, style guides, content inventories, content models, editorial workflows and calendars, and messaging architectures.
    • How to make content design part of a cross-discipline service design process by following the lead of organizations like the Government Digital Service and Facebook.
    • How to prioritise the time you spend on content and collaborate with your team using frameworks like service design, lean startup, kanban, and agile.
    • How to start a content pilot project to get people to collaborate across departments and disciplines.

    Who Should Attend

    Designers, developers, UXers, writers, and product managers.