HTML5 and CSS3

  • In this course, Aaron Gustafson will take attendees on a whirlwind tour of modern web design and the evolving standards of HTML5 and CSS3 with a focus on how these developing technologies help you achieve more control and offer greater functionality with less code.

    On the HTML5 front, topics include:

    • The importance of semantics, including their effect on the document outline
    • Improved form controls and the power of browser-based validation (“Look, Ma, no JavaScript!”)
    • How to make data persistent using the offline cache and client-side data stores
    • Creating and using native multimedia in your page

    CSS3 coverage includes:

    • Advanced selector options
    • Image-like effects without using images
    • Transforming your elements in 2D and 3D
    • Transitioning and animating style changes over time

    This course can be customized for organization-specific challenges and extended to a full-day or multi-day course.