How to Get People to Do Stuff

  • Whether you have a product that you want someone to buy online, a self-service form that you want people to fill out instead of calling you, or an online community that you want people to join, getting people to take action means you have to understand the psychology of motivation and behavior.

    In this course, Dr. Susan Weinschenk explains, demonstrates, and applies the research of behavioral psychology and shows you how to apply these powerful principles to get people to do stuff. This is a hands-on workshop; you will apply what you are learning with exercises and case studies.

    What You’ll Learn

    • The role of habit in behavior
    • Why seeing progress toward a goal is motivating
    • When rewards work and when they don’t
    • How to use surprise and unpredictability to motivate
    • How the desire for mastery is motivating
    • How the drive to be autonomous is motivating
    • How to get around people’s natural laziness
    • Harnessing the dislike of boredom
    • When competition is not motivating
    • Using the desire to connect and be social to motivate
    • About people’s built in tendency to imitate
    • When making something hard makes it more desirable
    • When anticipation is more important than reward
    • How most goals and desires are unconscious
    • About unconscious decision-making
    • How having an experience can be more motivating than having a possession
    • When and why people look at what other people are doing to decide what they should do
    • How the “personas” that people have of themselves influence their behavior
    • How to get people to change long-held beliefs and actions

    Finally, you’ll learn how to apply these principles to your situation and for your products.

    Each participant will receive a full workshop manual that contains all the materials used in the class, plus Quick Reference Summaries.