Guerrilla UX Design and Research Methods

  • This hands-on session will cover a number of low cost, yet powerful research methods to help you make better data-driven design decisions. Russ Unger will provide you with a number of techniques for recruiting research participants, creating better research questions, and what to do with your data once you’ve conducted your research.

    What You’ll Learn

    • How to sell guerrilla research into a project from the start
    • How to recruit better participants
    • How to form better research questions
    • A number of inexpensive, quick, but highly effective research methods when time and/or budget are limited
    • Valuable “how-tos” to execute the research

    Questions Answered

    • How do I get my boss or client to buy into doing research for my project?
    • What is guerrilla research and how is it different than traditional research?
    • What are some guerrilla research methods and what kind of results can I expect?
    • How do I pick the right method(s)?
    • What’s the downside/shortcoming of guerrilla research methods compared to other research methods