Getting Started with Content Strategy

  • You’re already writing, editing, and wrangling with content–but are you thinking about it strategically? In this workshop, we’ll focus on establishing and implementing a content strategy. You’ll learn to establish content principles and frame them in terms that benefit both your users and your organization, set goals and standards, rally your team around shared messages and priorities, and establish a sustainable approach to keeping up with all of it. We’ll also touch on common challenges with content, from not having enough to not even knowing what all you have.

    Along the way, we’ll explore the role of the content strategist, as well as how people who work with content at every stage—from deciding what to create to publishing to measuring to archiving—can do to keep your content strategy on track.

    What You’ll Learn

    • Why establishing a content strategy will improve all your initiatives, from marketing to customer service.
    • How to focus varied content initiatives–and departments–around shared goals, values, and messages.
    • How and when to audit, overhaul, archive, or migrate content.
    • What you should be thinking about as you deal with mobile, cross-channel, and other complex challenges.

    How We’ll Do It

    • This is a hands-on class where everyone will participate in exercises focused on:
    • Content goals and priorities: Identifying how content will serve your organization over time.
    • Content auditing and analysis: Assessing what you have, where it is, and whether it’s any good.
    • Voice and tone: Defining who you are, and developing ways to get everyone to stay on brand.
    • Making the most of mobile: Maximizing your content’s value in small spaces.

    This workshop is geared toward anyone who communicates with your organization’s users—especially writers, editors, PR/communications specialists, marketers, SEO specialists, product and project managers, and online help teams.