Fundamental JavaScript

  • In this course, Aaron Gustafson introduces attendees to the client-side scripting language known as JavaScript. After a quick tour through the language’s features and syntax, Aaron will introduce attendees to ways JavaScript can progressively enhance the user experienceincrease accessibility, and speed up the performance of their pages. This session also introduces attendees to several JavaScript libraries and covers each library’s approach to accomplishing frequent JavaScript-related tasks.

    Takeaways include:

    • A fundamental understanding of what JavaScript is and what it can do
    • An appreciation for when and how to wield the awesome power of JavaScript
    • How to create robust JavaScript-based interfaces that don’t fall apart when an error is encountered
    • Methods for writing flexible, maintainable scripts
    • Smart ways to organize your code
    • Easy tricks for optimizing the load and performance of your code
    • Exposure to several popular JavaScript libraries.

    This course can be customized for organization-specific challenges and extended to a full-day or multi-day course.