Emotion is the New User Experience

  • When we purchase a product or engage a service, we generally believe that it will probably function well—but how does it make us feel? The emotional appeal of a product or service is the next level of user experience, and this session will help your UX team learn the background of crafting that relationship through hands-on research methods.

    In an enlightening, fast-paced session, design ethnographer Kelly Goto will discuss how user experience has moved past the expectation that products “just work” to a new level of emotional connection. Kelly will give examples of contextual research methods and how she translates that data into products and services that people integrate into their daily lives. She will discuss how UX can tap into these needs and desires, designing for the emotional experiences relevant to our contemporary, connected lifestyles.


    You’ll gain an insider’s view into the ways companies utilize ethnographic research concepts to conduct rapid, immersive studies of people and their lifestyles, and how the results inform the usefulness and viability of interfaces both online and offline.

    The session will include:

    • A dynamic combination of lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises
    • Your own copy of the presentation slides
    • A helpful handout, including a list of gotomedia”s best practices for conducting effective contextual/emotional research
    • Real-world examples of contextual research.

    What You’ll Learn

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Understand users’ attachments to products and services
    • Uncover users’ unaware needs, desires, and behaviors
    • Balance qualitative and quantitative research
    • Construct behavioral and emotion-based personas
    • Create stories and use cases
    • Create intuitive products and services

    Who Should Attend

    User researchers, content strategists, designers, and any other team members involved in creating dynamic, “connected” user experiences.