Developing New Digital Products and Services

  • Maybe you already have experience creating a corporate website or converting your offline content and services to online versions. Now you want to expand your business and increase revenue, but you have never created a new website or app from scratch. If you want to learn the whole process of developing new digital products and services, from the kickoff meeting to green lighting a new digital product concept, then this course is for you.


    The course will include:

    What You’ll Learn

    • An overview of product strategy and product development
    • A solid understanding of how product development is done at other companies
    • How to determine the project scope, perform research, generate ideas and concepts, prototype, test, and decide what to build
    • What skills you and your company will need and how to staff the projects
    • Productive ways to learn from minor mistakes and avoid failed projects

    Who Should Attend

    Product managers, designers, marketing managers, researchers, strategists, and anyone involved in developing new products and services.