Designing Product and Service Concepts

  • “Design concepts” are those enticing images and models of what a company might make in the future, whether it’s the concept cars from Pininfarina, the futuristic building rendered by Rem Koolhaas’s Office for Metropolitan Architecture, the Christian Lacroix designs on the runways of Paris, or the digital designs of Adaptive Path. They’re a vital part of the product strategy and development process that are also great for generating feedback from customers, getting the media’s attention, and inspiring employees.

    And you can learn to create them in this workshop. We’ll focus on the digital kind: websites, apps, and consumer electronics. First we’ll jump-start your understanding of how concepts are made and then we’ll immediately put this information to work generating your own concepts.


    The workshop will include:

    • Alternating lecture and exercises
    • Case studies of product strategy and concept design at other companies such as IDEO
    • Documentation of the techniques we’ll use to generate ideas and concepts
    • A copy of my new book, “Why We Fail: Real Stories and Practical Lessons from Experience Design Failures” where you’ll learn not to repeat the particular concept design mistakes of BMW and Google

    What You’ll Learn

    • An overall understanding of what design concepts are and a practical approach for running a project to create one
    • Why a breadth-first approach to your design process offers many benefits long-enjoyed by our colleagues in architecture and industrial design and ultimately leads to better products
    • How to choose the right type of concept, whether it’s to support a new product launch, a strategic advance in product development such as moving into new markets or technologies, or even to express a whole new business strategy
    • How to choose the right medium for the concept, such as illustration, short video, or working prototype
    • How to transcend thinking about features and style to focus on what you want your audience to think and feel when experiencing your design concept

    Who Should Attend

    Product managers, designers, marketing managers, researchers, strategists, and anyone involved in developing new products and services.

    Get a Preview

    You can get a small taste of this workshop from my article Concept Design Tools.