Designing Mobile Experiences

  • The mobile landscape is constantly changing—new devices, new operating systems, new applications. Even seasoned designers are overwhelmed by the chaos, sometimes creating less than optimal designs that are soon outdated. But the successful designs, the ones that surprise and delight their users, look beyond the here and now. The first part of this course will provide the foundation to create remarkable mobile designs that can truly stand the test of time. Some of the topics we’ll cover include: exploratory mobile research, mobile prototype development, and gesture design. The latter part of the course will delve into device differences and responsive design, a technique that can help minimize the challenges associated with cross-platform support. Material will be covered through discussion and hands-on activities.


    This course will provide a foundation that you can easily adapt for your own mobile projects, including:

    • An overview of the latest mobile devices and how certain features may impact your design strategy
    • An explanation of the different types of mobile operating systems and their unique design patterns
    • A high-level user centered design process that you can easily introduce to your own mobile team
    • Best practices for common mobile design problems and how to evolve them for your applications
    • A variety of rapid prototyping and user research strategies that are well suited to the mobile context

    Who Should Attend

    Product Managers, Marketing Teams, User Researchers, Designers, anyone responsible for creating mobile experiences.