Design is How it Works

  • To be creative you must understand the medium you are creating for; recognizing its weaknesses and pushing its strengths. It’s no longer enough to show a visual mock-up and explain what happens next, you have to be able to show what happens. Your job doesn’t stop after the web page loads, it’s really only just beginning.
    This workshop is for anyone interested in how user interfaces are developed—but do not consider themselves developers—who want to understand how user interfaces are developed and how they can help.

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    Students will learn:
    • What are the differences between designing for the web and designing for native apps
    • The fundamentals of using core web technologies (HTML, CSS, & JavaScript)
    • Methods for integrating Agile and Lean UX workflows
    • How to apply progressive Enhancement to user interface designs
    • Best practices for creating quick interactive wire frame prototypes using code and then applying a design layer
    For more details on UI development for non-developers, see Jason’s article “Top 6 frustrations developers have with designers” on CreativeBloq.